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How to support someone with mental health issues

Everyone experiences tough times at different points in their lives, and having people around to provide support makes it easier to cope.  

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If you are worried about the state of your loved one who has a mental health problem, then you will need this post. You might be worried about how to be a support system for anyone with mental health issues, you will learn some quintessential tips in this post.

Don’t judge them

If you know someone with a mental health problem, it is important not to judge them. Don’t start blaming them for their problems, and avoid acting like you were there when they made such decisions. Be empathetic with them, and encourage them that they will surely get over what they are experiencing.

Don’t invalidate their problems

When someone with a mental health problem tells you what they are experiencing, don’t look down on their situation.

Similarly, don’t bring up your situation in a bid to invalidate or reduce the effect of what they are going through. Remember that two people have the same problem, the effect cannot be the same thing.

Listen carefully to them

Sometimes, people with mental health problems need others with whom they can confide. However, they might not get the right set of people around them because not everyone knows how to listen.

When You speak with someone who has a mental health problem, listen to the nuances of the conversation and ask important questions.

Suggest professional support

Someone with mental health issues needs professional help so that they can get better. Trying to self-medicate might not always work out because some people might need a more tailored form of treatment.

You can suggest that they see a mental health counselor or their health provider for help. Additionally, you can help them locate a support network where they can meet with people in similar situations.

Know your limits

While you provide support, remember that you may not be able to do everything. Ensure you get enough rest, and watch out for your mental health too.


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